The Unmaker's Shop


Welcome to one person's dance on the knife's edge of rebuilding and unraveling... creation vs. entropy.

Why the Unmaker?
The Unmaker is the antagonist in the Orson Scott Card fantasy series, The Tales of Alvin Maker. The Unmaker is entropy incarnate, albeit a sinister version, and the only way to stop him is to make something. It doesn't have to be something spectacular--just the act of creation holds him at bay. Everyday, I feel The Unmaker breathing down my neck like a blood thirsty animal, ready to devour me. It's nipping at all our heels: a soul-sucking job, a bad relationship, the darkness of our past, crushing debt, the slow decay of our dna... I believe that if we perform one act of creation every day, no matter how seemingly inconsequential, we can keep The Unmaker from unraveling us all. So my friends, join me in keeping a boot on his neck.

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Oh and I should mention that I run another shop called Sweet Pea's Groceries which features hand made bath, body, pet and home care items. Check it out and enjoy!